Fall meeting of Southern California Society of Parasitologists

Ryan Hechingernews

The lab took a day trip to the Fall SCSP meeting, hosted by Douglas Pace’s lab at Cal State University Long Beach. It was a good day, with Doug sharing his lab’s focus on molecular/cell biology of Toxoplasma gondii, and Ralph Appy demonstrating many of the parasites he’s been finding in Pachygrapsus crassipes. The lab wrapped up with good dinner at a Columbian restaurant on the way home.

Ryan goes to Southern California Society of Parasitologists

Ryan Hechingernews

Ryan heads to Cal Poly Pomona for the annual meeting of SCSP to give a talk and begin serving as President of the regional society. While there, in addition to discussing creating and testing body-size scaling theory for parasitology, he’ll be able to meet up with friends, acquaintances , and some new folks.

Bon voyage to Lauren & Ida

Ryan Hechingernews

After working here for over 1.5 years and running several projects, Lauren Nadler is heading out to continue her post doc with our collaborator Oyvind Overli in Aas, Norway. She’ll be writing up the research that she completed here, and learning some new neurobiological skills. Lauren was a substantial part of our lab, ran some major operations, and will be missed!

And, Ida Johansen, a post doc who visited us for a few months, is also leaving at the same time to return to home, to Aas. She was also a very welcome part of our lab for the short time she was here.

We had a lab bowling party to wish them farewell.

Viking invasion 2018

Ryan Hechingernews

Our collaborators from Norway are returning to wrap up the experiments on infection and fish behavior that Ida has been setting up for the last three months. They’ll be here for over a week, and will also be joined by a Norwegian public broadcasting TV crew for part of the time!

Ana gives her exit seminar!

Ryan Hechingernews

Almost ready to file her PhD dissertation, which has expanded our understanding of trematode sociality and a soldier caste, Ana successfully gives her exit seminar at UC Santa Barbara. Congratulations!