Dan just spent three weeks in northern Senegal helping conduct field work and train lab personnel in parasite identification for a project ran by PIs from Stanford (Susanne Sokolow, Giulio De Leo) and UCSB (Armand Kuris). Human blood fluke infections (schistosomiasis) rose dramatically in this area following the construction of a dam on the Senegal River that blocked snail-eating prawns … Read More



In another paper for Ana’s dissertation (congrats!), we find that four species of heterophyid trematodes also appear to have a caste of soldiers. This extends documentation of trematode soldiers to a new superfamily. We also examine a few early infections to test our ideas about how caste structure develops. See our publications page for Garcia-Vedrenne et al. (2017) Trematodes with … Read More

Origin of mysterious New Zealand mudsnail parasite


In a new lab publication, we work to pinpoint the origin of the mysterious fish blood fluke (aporocotylid) found in French populations of the invasive New Zealand mudsnail, in part by examining the phylogenetic relationships of a bunch of other fish blood flukes that we encountered in snails in NZ and Australia. It’s pretty clear that the European parasite came … Read More

Kate publishes two more dissertation papers


Congratulations to Kate for recently publishing two more papers from her PhD work at Clemson University. Both papers deal with ecological/environmental parasitology of gut helminths of double-crested cormorants of the southeast USA, showing how various aspects of host biology and ecology influence their parasite infracommunities, likely via changes in the hosts’ foraging ecology. One paper is in Ecological Indicators: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1470160X16301121. … Read More

Influx of New Lab Members

Andrew Turnernews

With the start of the new academic year, we have added a slew of new volunteers to the lab roster. In total there are 7 new undergrads on the Bird Project and 4 new undergrads working on more general lab activities. Welcome All! The lab also welcomes a new Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dr. Lauren Nadler. Lauren will be working on the¬†Euhaplorchis-Killifish-bird … Read More