Kate Attends Waterbirds Meeting

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Kate attends the Waterbird Society annual meeting in New Bern, NC (www.waterbirds.org). This is a meeting geared towards research, conservation, and management of waterbirds. Kate presents work showing that the metabolic theory of ecology can explain the total amount of ectoparasites living on California coastal birds.

Post-doc opportunity in lab

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The position will involve taking on a 1.5 year project in the Hechinger Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. The project is part of a larger, international project. Collaborators include Dr. Øyvind Øverli (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) and Dr. Kelly Weinersmith (Rice University). The overall project weds parasitology, ecology, behavior, neurobiology, and omics. This … Read More

Kate goes to Aleutians

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Kate leaves for another trip to Alaska to work on our “Parasites, plastics, poisons, & seabirds” project. She is going on a research cruise with USFW for a few weeks, collecting seabirds off of the western Aleutian Islands. She’s way out there!